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Everyone knows that, in current days, a car is one of the most valuable investments. Over the years, cars have become an integral part of each of our life. Without it, we can’t go to work, go shopping, go have fun and so on. Because of those, living in today’s life without a car is more than hard. Darling's Tire & Auto Center is a professional auto repair shop conveniently located in the center of Manchester NH. Our mechanics are all fully licensed and insured and ASE Certified. From complicated transmission or engine repair, to tire service, brake maintenance and repair, we’ve got you covered!

Darling's Tire & Auto Center
16 Milford St Manchester, NH 3102
(603) 669-6827

Man servicing engine of semiWe have over 29 years of professional experience in the auto repair industry in Manchester NH.

Our skills are well known not only in Manchester, but all the surrounding communities. Over the years, we have earned a great reputation. There are few other shops in our region, which can boast so many years of experience and so many happy customers as us. We at Darling's Tire & Auto Center can be your best option for any auto repair needs. With us, you can be sure you won’t disappointed – we never fail in delivering top quality auto repair service.

Our technicians are well-known in our community with their skills and of course humor and hospitality.

So next time when you need brake service, tire change, or think your car has a problem and needs a professional diagnostic, don’t waste time, visit Darling's Tire & Auto Center‘s auto repair shop. Your vehicle will be in hands of true professionals equipped with the best car repair and diagnostic equipment available. No matter how big your problem might be, the pros from Darling's Tire & Auto Center can handle it in a quick and efficient manner. Our auto repair shop is well equipped and stocked. We have in stock auto parts for most of the major brands, but even if the part is not in stock, we know the best suppliers, which will deliver the part right to our auto repair shop.

When it comes to any auto repair needs, no compromises should be made.

By choosing amateur technician who offers you service at a lower price, that doesn’t mean he will be able to find and fix the problem accurately, which can lead to serious and disastrous problems. That’s why even if you prefer to chose somebody else to visit for auto repair service, always require a pro auto repair shop to work on your car. Make sure they have all the licenses and certificates needed.

Auto repair service should be accessible to all in order to prevent car accidents. In our auto repair shop, all of our work is 100% guaranteed and the prices affordable. Special discounts are available too – 10% discount for Seniors and Military. Choose us for all your auto repair needs and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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